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Initial Appraisals

Together, we’ll explore your visions, needs and goals. We’ll assist you in evaluating the project feasibility and uncovering potential risks or challenges.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We'll carry out an assessment of the planning history and landscape constraints.
  • We'll arrange a meeting to explore your requirements and objectives.
  • We'll conduct a feasibility analysis to gauge your projects' practicality and identify any possible risks or challenges.
  • We’ll develop a clear and precise brief to allow us to proceed with your journey.

Conceptual Drawings

After working with you to define your requirements, our team employs a range of tools such as 2D drawings, 3D models and mood board to explore various concepts. Throughout this process, we will work with you to ensure that the designs align with your needs and expectations. We value your feedback and flexibility, allowing us to refine the design until it perfectly suits your vision.

Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we’ll proceed with developing the project for a planning submission, which involves finalising the design and preparing all the required documents.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll develop both 2D and 3D drawings of the design
  • We’ll create mood boards to capture the look and feel of the design
  • We’ll consider the project objectives, scope, budget, schedule, limitations, sustainability, safety, and legal requirements.
  • We’ll work closely with you to ensure the design aligns with your needs and expectations.
  • We’ll continuously refine the design until it meets your vision.
  • We’ll prepare the planning drawings, which encompass detailed representations of proposed developments, including elevations, floor plans, and sections.
  • We’ll prepare the Design and Access Statements, providing an explanation of the proposed development's design and its impact on the surrounding area.
  • We’ll include additional supportive documents, which may encompass surveys such as bat and tree assessments, as well as traffic impact evaluations.

Planning Applications

Our focus is on ensuring a hassle-free planning process for you. We’ll assist you in obtaining planning permission by taking care of the submission of your design drawings to the Local Authority. Our team will oversee the entire process, maintaining open communication with both your planning officers and you to keep your project on track.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll keep you informed about the status of your planning application.
  • We’ll act your intermediary with your planning officer.
  • We’ll address any queries or worries raised by the planning officer or any objections.
  • We’ll provide guidance on how to initiate an appeal in the event of application rejection.

Building Regulations

Once we’ve created the initial planning drawings, out team will shift its focus to creating technical drawings, which will be submitted to your Local Authority’s Building Control team for approval.

This step guarantees that your plans meet the Building Regulations, ensuring a secure and compliant project. Subject to the complexity of your project we may need to collaborate with a Structural Engineer or Party Wall Surveyor, and we’ll always keep you informed about any potential costs. We are here to help you transform your vision to reality while strictly adhering to all the necessary regulations.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll compile the technical drawings package for the project.
  • We’ll prepare the accompanying notes and specifications.
  • We’ll collaborate with Structural Engineers.
  • We’ll coordinate with Building Control.

Tender & Construction

We’re here to simplify the process for you, and that includes assisting you in finding the perfect builder for you project. Out team can take charge of organising the tender process, or we can collaborate closely with you if you prefer to manage it yourself. In either scenario, we will compile all the essential documents, including the drawings, specifications, and a detailed list of work items. These documents are invaluable for builders to provide an accurate project quote and ensure a smooth construction phase.

Once we receive the quotes, we’ll thoroughly review them with you and guide you in selecting the most suitable builder. When a builder is chosen, we’ll assist you in preparing a legally binding Building Contract, outlining the project’s terms and conditions for your peace of mind.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll compile the Tender Package.
  • We’ll create a Schedule of Works.
  • We’ll distribute the Tender Package to a select group of potential builders.
  • We’ll evaluate the quotes provided by builders.
  • We’ll choose the most suitable builder for your project.
  • We’ll draft the Building Contract for both you and the builder to sign.

Construction Inspections & Contract Administration

Your peace of mind is at the core of our service, and we provide you with the option to have us oversee the construction phase. This means our team will make sure that builders adhere to the project’s requirements and maintain the schedule.

We can review the contract with the builder to ensure that progress and payments align with the agreed terms. We’re here to offer you support, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly, on time and within budget, while relieving you of any construction-related worries.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll regularly inspect the site and provide you with progress updates.
  • We’ll verify the quality of the work to ensure it meets the necessary standards.
  • We’ll oversee the Building Contract, ensuring the builder adheres to the agreed terms and conditions.
  • We’ll address and resolve any issues that may arise during the construction.
  • We’ll issue a Practical Completion certificate upon project completion.

Project Management & Coordination

Your vision comes first on our approach, and we provide you with the choice to have our team manage your entire construction project. This becomes particularly beneficial if you have an ambitious design or are residing away from the site, as our team ensures your plans are transformed into reality.

We’re here to support you, ensuring that your project is executed and your dreams are realised.

Here are some of the specific activities that we will undertake during this stage:

  • We’ll identify and evaluate any potential risks.
  • We’ll collaborate with consultants, builders and other construction experts on your behalf.
  • We’ll supervise progress and guarantee compliance with a health and safety and environmental regulations.
  • We’ll keep a watchful eye on the site and mange any issues that may emerge.
  • We’ll manage the entire project and meet your project deadlines.

External Services Collaboration

We offer our clients an extensive array of services by partnering with local specialist consultants. Through this collaboration, our aim is to ensure that you receive the finest advice and expertise tailored to your needs.

Here are some of our collaborative partners that will assist you during your project:

Even with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, we're always learning.

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