Our Fees and Pricing

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    The first question we are asked is often, “What are your fees for X?” Answering it is tricky because every single project is different. Sure, we can take your budget and give a ballpark estimate based on the current average percentage fee for your project type, but that a) doesn’t account for varying levels of service or complexity, and b) relies on you already having a defined budget, which – let’s be honest here – most of you don’t yet have. It’s often why you’re asking!

    But if we can’t give you an answer to the age-old question of “How much?” at least we can let you know our charges. So many architects are afraid to put their fees online. As an open, honest, and transparent Architectural Practice, we are not.

    So without further ado, these are our hourly rates, which our Time-Charge stages are based on:

    Schedule of Charges 2024

    Reviewed annually on 1st January.

    Design Team

    Technical Assistant

    £65 + VAT


    £75 + VAT


    £90 + VAT

    Printing & Expenses

    Applicable VAT will be added.

    A4 Prints

    £0.40p per sheet

    A3 Prints

    £3.00p per sheet

    A1 Prints

    £6.00p per sheet


    £0.50p per mile


    Cost + 10%

    So now you know our charges. But how does that translate to our Fee Proposals?

    We prepare a bespoke Fee Proposal for each project. For some works, this is fairly straightforward and only takes a few hours of research. For others, particularly where the full scope, budget, constraints, etc. aren’t yet known, a little more investigation is necessary to provide you with a realistic and comprehensive fee that covers all the services you’ll require.

    This is where our Initial Appraisal service comes in.

    Initial Appraisal

    As part of our Initial Appraisal service, we:

      1. Conduct an assessment of the planning history and landscape constraints of the site.
      2. Attend a site visit to assess your project in context.
      3. Examine your goals vs your budget and discuss the options and alternatives that are available to you.
      4. Prepare and agree a Project Brief, which:
        • Collates everything we have researched and discussed.
        • Lists additional consultants and applications required and the likely fees for these.
        • Provides an indicative timeline for the works.
        • Includes a Ballpark Estimate based on the likely square metreage of the proposals and the current median cost of construction.

    At the end of this service, we’ll provide you with a Fee Proposal that sets out our charges on a per-stage basis, in a clear and easy to read format. We use a mixture of Time-Charge and Fixed Fee pricing structures to provide you on maximum clarity of a) what our fees for the project are based on the Brief we have agreed and, b) which stages may fluctuate in cost. These are mainly stages where lots of collaboration, negotiations and/or design changes may be required, such as the Concept Design and Application stages.

    The cost of this service starts at only £450 + disbursements + VAT. We keep the cost of this service as low as we can to avoid a large financial commitment while you are still considering your options regarding your construction project costs.

    Fixed Fee Services

    Site Visits and Meetings

    For one-off or additional site visits and in-person meetings that aren’t part of our standard services.


    Site Visit / In-Person Meeting

    £360 + VAT



    £0.50p per mile

    Land Registry Compliant Plans

    Land registry compliant plans are often required when selling parcels of land. Our quick and easy Land Registry Plan service can usually be turned around within 10 working days.


    Liaison & Information

    £65 + VAT

    Collating information and liaising with the client and solicitor.

    Land Registry Plan

    £350 + VAT

    Cost for the first land registry plan.

    Add Another Scale (each)

    £75 + VAT

    Where you need your plan at more than one scale, each additional scaled plan is:

    Additional Plans (each)

    £175 + VAT

    Where additional plans of different areas are required.

    Site Visit

    £350 + VAT

    A site visit is only necessary when we need to check dimensions or other information onsite.


    In some cases there may be other costs. These will be detailed on a case-by-case basis and charged as per our standard Schedule of Charges.


    £0.50p per mile

    Digital OS Location Map

    Cost + 10%