Lametton Mill Grade II Listed

Since approximately 1610, mills in this region have been built, operated, and, more recently, have fallen into a state of disrepair. In fact, many of the original mills from this earlier era no longer remain in existence.

Nevertheless, this particular mill is among the survivors. When our clients purchased it, the mill stood in a redundant and deteriorating state. Their vision was to reinvigorate it by converting it into a comfortable and uniquely charming family home while preserving the building’s character and historical significance. They also had long-term plans to restore the watercourse and wheel to their former glory.

The renovation of this historic structure demanded meticulous attention to detail. Our clients were committed to conserving as much of the original architecture as possible, even repurposing century-old stone slabs to craft their dining room table.

This remarkable project received recognition when it was featured on the television show Grand Designs in 2021.


2018 - 2021


St Keyne, Liskeard


01 Feasibility Studies I 02 Conceptual Drawings I 03 Planning Applications I 04 Building Regulations