Understanding Influences, Consultants, and Project Timeframes

Embarking on a construction project is an exciting venture, but the path from dream to reality involves careful planning and collaboration. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the key sage of the architectural process, shedding light on timelines and essential considerations.

Multicolor Illustrated Design Process Timeline Infographic 1

Architectural Timeline: Comprehensive Overview Based on Our Seven-Stage Process

Stage 0: Strategic Definition - Setting the Scene

Start by selecting the right architect for your project. This step involves meetings, research and decision-making. Choosing the right team ensures a smoother project experience.


Clients, architects and stakeholders collaborate to outline the project goals, objectives and initial design concepts.



  • Client requirements and visions
  • Site Analysis and Site Constraints
  • Achievable Goals
  • Regulatory Considerations

Time estimate for this stage: Between 2 -4 weeks

Stage 1: Preparation and Brief - Kick off

This stage revolves around getting everyone on board and the design brief confirmed.



  • Client requirements and visions
  • Site Analysis and Site Constraints
  • Achievable Goals
  • Regulatory Considerations


  • Structural Engineers
  • Topographical Surveyor

Time estimate for this stage: Between 2 -6 weeks

Stage 2: Concept Design - Taking Shape.

Evolving the initial ideas into concept design and developing them for a planning submission.



  • Client feedback and iterations
  • Building Regulations and planning policies
  • Material selections


  • Structural Engineer
  • Arboriculturalist
  • Conservation and Heritage Assessor
  • Energy Assessor
  • Mining and Contamination Specialist

Time for this stage: Minimum 3-4 weeks can take between 3- 6 months depending on the type of project.

Stage 3: Spatial Coordination - Planning Process

After the design phase, securing planning permission may be crucial for your project



  • Local Planning Policies
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Community Consultation


  • Planning Consultant

Time for this stage: Typically takes 8-16 weeks for approval but potentially longer.

Stage 4: Technical Design - Full Steam Ahead

After securing planning permission, a set of drawings and specifications for construction and Tender are required to invite contractors to provide estimates along with the submission of Building Control Approval



  • Building Regulations Policies
  • Input from other Design Consultants


  • Party Wall Surveyor
  • Structural Engineer
  • Mining and Contamination Specialist
  • M+E Consultant (Mechanical and Electrical)
  • CDM (Construction, Design, and Management) Consultant
  • Acoustician
  • Structural Waterproofing Consultant

Time for this stage: Typically takes 8-12+ weeks for approval but potentially longer.

Stage 5: Manufacturing and Construction- Getting It Built

Arranging for the works to commence and overseeing the construction, ensuring it meets the drawings.



  • Contractors timeline
  • Issue arising onsite
  • Construction methodologies
  • Materials
  • Weather Conditions
  • Project management


  • General Contractors
  • Sub Contractors (Plumbers, Electricians, etc..)
  • Building Control Inspectors

Time for this stage: Typically takes 6-18 months (Depending on project scale).

Stage 6: Handover -Completion and Fine-Tuning

Final handover and ensuring that it is in good working order for you to enjoy your building.



  • Final Inspections and Building Control sign-off
  • Client feedback
  • Documentation and Certification


  • Project management

Time for this stage: Typically takes 6-12 months (Depending on project scale).

Stage 7: In Use - Enjoy!

This stage focuses on you enjoying your new building.


Activities in this stage include:


  • Evaluating the building’s performance.
  • Providing feedback on its performance.
  • Offering suggestions for improvements.


The architect’s timeline for a project is a multifaceted journey, influenced by various factors and involves collaboration with a range of consultants. Understanding these stages and estimations is essential for the completion of your project. Recognising the influences and engaging the right consultants at each stage, can assist us, as architects, to navigate the complexities and deliver the results within the estimated timeframe.

From conception to completion, a full-service package  based on the following:

Small-scale projects: Renovations, small residential designs, or internal alterations may span from a few months to a year for completion (around 3-6 months for design, approval, and construction).

Medium-scale projects: New dwellings, Listed Buildings, and conversions might range from a year to two years, inclusive of design, approval, and construction phases.

Large-Scale Projects: Complex developments requiring in-depth planning and construction might span several years for completion. These projects encompass intricate designs, approvals, and extended construction periods.

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